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iDas Yellow Filter M67

i-Divesite Yellow Color Filter with M67 thread (for fluorescence shooting)..

Rp 525,000

10 BAR Flexible Arm

Double Ball Frex Arm 40 cm - USD 70Double Ball Flex Arm 30 cm -USD 65..

Rp 600,000

10Bar Laser Aiming Snoot - Sea & Sea YS-D1/D2

10Bar Strobe Macro Photography Snoot with Laser Aiming Light for Sea & Sea YS-D1/D2 Strobes10Bar..

Rp 2,500,000

Panasonic LX5 Camera + 10 Bar Housing

Panasonic Lumix LX5 – 10 Bar Housing.with M67 Thread on portIndividually tested to 10 bar, recommend..

Rp 14,750,000