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iDas Yellow Filter M67

i-Divesite Yellow Color Filter with M67 thread (for fluorescence shooting)..

Rp 525,000

Inon M67 Lens Holder for Float Arm

INON M67 Lens Holder For Float ArmA lens holder attached on a Float Arm/Mega Float Arm/Mega Float Tu..

Rp 365,000

YS Torch Holder 28mm - Diameter

Butterfly bolt screw onlyThis 28mm YS Holder from I-Torch fits select dive light..

Rp 180,000


FOR ARMSThis adapter mounts to standard arms and provides a secure attachment point for a Bayonet Mo..

Rp 1,125,000

Canon WP DC Power Shot S Series - Oring

Canon WP DC  Power Shot S Series - Oring. Spare O ring for Canon S90 - S95 - S100 - S110 - S120..

Rp 225,000

iDas 67 & 52 mm Lens holder on arm

idas 67 & 52 mm Lens holder for Albatross Flatarmi Das Lens holder LH 6752, Lens holder with 52m..

Rp 375,000